I'm watching you. Yes, you.

I’m going to run in the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K on April 1st this year (no joke! haha) and in keeping with my personality, I’ve been planning ahead since November.  Researching what to run in, what shoes to wear, what the weather’s going to be (I checked the almanac) and what to carry with me while I’m out.  So I’ve made multiple purchases, and tested the products on short jaunts in an attempt to get my stamina up.  For this post, I’ll go over what I’ve decided to wear to run.

Sparkle Skirts

When clothes are amazing, they develop a cult following.  Rabid running women rave and rant and cheer about these Sparkle Skirts.  For fairly good reason.  I learned about them from my Hogwarts Running Club house and common room Facebook groups.  These are super cute running skirts with shorts (skorts – I hate that term, tbh) built in.  They can be worn front ways or back ways, depending on if you’d rather the waistband zipper in the front or behind you.  The running shorts have thigh pockets that keep everything secure.  I’ve only run with my phone in a pocket, but I seriously suggest you watch this video of a woman wearing a Sparkle Skirt and carries about 20 different things with her while she runs.  It’s almost 8 minutes long, but she’s actually whom I got a few ideas for things to carry with me while I run, which I’ll cover in another post.

I bought two Sparkle Skirts, one the “regular” length and one a longer hiker style.  I’ve been out in both, and don’t really notice a difference.  If anything, the pockets on the hiker style might be a little loose on me.  So women with larger thighs might find more room for them in a hiker style.  The shorts don’t move when I run, and aside from the waistband dropping down under my belly pooch when gravity has its wicked way with me when I jog, I’m super happy with how well these skirts work.

If not for the pretty high price-point ($65 at the low end), I would buy more.  As it is, I will have to become a much more avid runner to justify buying any more.

Nice Pipes

My other running-clothes investment is a cute little start-up I caught on Shark Tank.  The company’s called Nice Pipes, and she developed leg and arm warmers made out of a compression-style fabric that’s pretty much like yoga pants material.  I bought the thigh-high style, with the idea that yes, the First of April will likely be a bit chilly in the morning, and I will likely warm up midway through and want to remove any extra garments that I could to keep from overheating.

I regret I may have chosen poorly, as the portion of the Pipes above my knee slide down as I’m going on my merry way.  They did do the job, honestly, and kept my calves warm.  They also didn’t slide down much more than just bunching around the knee, so they stayed up enough that I didn’t feel I needed to tug on them constantly.  Removing them mid-10K would be tricky, I’d have to essentially take off my shoes to get them off.  I will have to make another attempt in them soon, because I now realize that according to the website photos I may have put them on upside down.

Again, the product’s a little pricey ($42 for knee-high, $46 for thigh-high) so I will likely never buy any more unless I become an avid runner.

Next time I write, it’ll be about the stuff I’ll be carrying with me on my 10K.

Oh hey, a blog!

I am nothing, if not inconsistent!

It’s been almost two years since I wrote anything here!!  I’ve gotten married, changed my name, and already had my one-year wedding anniversary.  I got a certificate in Paralegal Studies.  My husband quit his job – it really was killing him – and we hope to get him back out into the job market in the next few months.

I’ll be participating in my very first 10K in April, the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K, and I’m trying really hard to build up my stamina in the meantime.  I’ve found some really awesome products to encourage me to get moving despite the chilly weather, and I hope to share them with you in future posts.

Hopefully not as far apart as this and the last post were…

Wedding Dress Chaos

I had originally thought that I could schedule an appointment at a wedding dress shop, actually talk to the clerk, calmly discuss what styles and wants/don’t wants I have, and then pick out a handful of dresses that fit my answers.  Not so!!

When I walked in, I was overwhelmed by the crowd, the noise, and the chaos of it all.  Apparently today was a “slow day,” and that many weekends the place has double the occupants it had today.  Anybody that knows me will know that I can get distracted by crowds, being one of those weird people-watchers. Hehe.

The moment we began, I was told I was really cutting it close, and I should probably consider deciding today.  Also, what do I want in a dress?  She spoke a mile a minute.  The only really kind thing was that she promised that she wouldn’t choose dresses that were over my budget.  Snap decisions aren’t really my thing, especially for something as important to me as a wedding dress, so it was troubling when the clerk said I was essentially out of time.  Things like that have a tendency to shut me down, so I might have gotten really stoic and said “forget it” if it weren’t for Caroline and Brie there.  They helped me stay focused, they were known faces I could focus on and try to block out the crowd.  I still got distracted easily – every time a woman finds “the one,” they are given a bell to ring.  I don’t know why, it’s their schtick.  It happened three times while we were there, in four hours.  That’s a pretty good “THE dress” per hour average, I suppose.

She was at least impressed with my level of preparedness.  While I didn’t have my own strapless bra (I had tried to get one that morning, but the only store nearby didn’t have any), I did bring a slip, lower-body shapewear, a light robe, a bottle of water, low heels, a travel-sized bottle of baby powder, and a hand towel.  I only needed the heels and the hand towel, and chugged the water afterward.  Despite the time being brief, it was high-energy and exhausting, and I could feel myself breaking into a heavy sweat at the end of it all.

We only used a half hour of the hour-and-a-half time I was allotted for my appointment, but I tried on three dresses.  All three were very different. The first dress I tried on was what I called a Disney princess dress. It was nice, but there was something I didn’t really prefer about it. The third dress I tried on looked something like this.  This isn’t the exact dress, but I can’t seem to find it on their website.  Brie and Caroline immediately said “no,” and we didn’t even take photographs of it.  It was plain, it did nothing for my curves.  I was simply a column of white.  I suppose someone would look fabulous in that gown, but it wasn’t me.  We did get a nice laugh out of it though – I struck a pose and said “Dost mother know thou wearest her drapes??”  Iron Man quotes while trying on wedding dresses for the win!

You’ve probably noticed I’ve skipped describing the second dress.  That’s because I am 90% sure that that is “the one.”  I’ve already risked the wrath of the wedding gods by showing photos to my fiance, so I will not share it with the entire world just yet.

So I happen to be a bit of a stationery geek. Pens, papers, stamps, cards, stickers… The list goes on. I’m a huge fan of the dip pens, y’know, quill and ink style? I’ve got a beautiful pen holder with a glass inkwell, and I keep a nice blue feather quill pen in it. Ravenclaw, represent!

Anyway, when I received the pen/inkwell holder, I was working with the inkwell and without much provocation, the lid snapped off the hinge. I was devastated, as it was only the first day I’d had it. So I did what any respectable online shopper does: I wrote a review. I kept it short and light; I loved the product, but it had broken & I was disappointed. That’s all, I didn’t expect anything, I had done it to myself.

The next day, I receive an email from the company: We’re sorry, we’re sending you a replacement. I was thrilled!! That’s true customer service. Reading and responding to your customers, in any way you feel necessary. Even if it’s just, “hey, sorry about that, here’s like 45% off your next buy!”

The company’s called Nostalgic Impressions, and I suggest you visit them for any fancy stationery products you may want.

A New Year

Happy New Year, everybody!

This year’s been pretty epic, and sometimes not the best, but for the most part it’s been pretty decent. We’ve almost completed unpacking from our move in the summer. We’ve got a wonderful home, and plenty of room to stretch out & do our own things when we want to. We’re both healthy (for the most part) and we both have paying jobs. We make our bills on time & still have enough leftover to do things we enjoy.

I’m pretty pleased with my life right now. As always, a few bits and pieces I’d like to adjust for the better, but those are slow and steady things that need to be worked out slowly, not shot from the hip.

I’m fine taking my time.

My Post Pub-Crawl Day

1 – Breakfast at 2:45am after leaving the other pub crawlers

2 – Slept from 3:30 am to noon

3 – Coffee with cocoa powder

4 – Chipotle for lunch at 3 pm

5 – Video called my dad to wish him happy Father’s Day

6 – Rice cakes and vanilla chai while playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf with friends

7 – Contemplating bed at 9 pm

Today’s been…a day.

I’m nothing if not exactly that. Helps if one can remember her passwords.

So TweetDeck doesn’t support Facebook integration, & I’m pissed that I can no longer post to both Twitter & Facebook simultaneously. It means I have to pretty much dump TweetDeck and find another desktop FB/T program. 

Any suggestions are appreciated.