I'm watching you. Yes, you.

No Visitation

I just checked my WP stats. Zeros. All across the board. Not that I care, mostly, but I just think it’s a little funny. I don’t expect this blog to be popular. Or very active. This is just a place to scream about stuff in RL that I can’t fit on Twitter.

I had a rant ready yesterday, but I got so tired that I forgot what it was by the time I got to a computer I could use freely.

They moved a second computer into my desk space today. Now I dual-wield PCs. Whoo. </sarcasm> lol

They did it to hopefully speed up the morning processes I have to do each day. This way I won’t get too distracted by what I’m doing at my desk that I forget that there’s a computer in the back room that needs my attention. Just describing to you what my “morning processes” are could take an entire blog post. I won’t go into it. I’d drive my blog views into the negative numbers.

I’m very tired, and I think I’ll make it another early night.


Comments on: "No Visitation" (2)

  1. Well, you got ONE view, at least. 🙂

    I gave up blogging long ago. I’ve never been much for diaries and such. I’d write a few entries, then go back and read them later and thing, “OMG, what utter garbage!” Much like going back to read my HS journal.

    So, are you writing for an audience or yourself?

  2. Oh hey! Thanks for visiting. Actually, I write for whoever stumbles upon this site. So most of the time it’s me. lol

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