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Head to Toe

Back when I was younger, meaning about 10 years ago, I couldn’t understand why people, mostly women, would spend tons of money on hair products, facial creams, exfoliants,  hair treatments,  and pay money to go to spas for massages and skin treatments, and go to salons to have their nails done so often.

Fast forward 10 years, and I’ve finally figured out why. Because after at least 8 hours every weekday at the office, we all like to have at least a half hour to ourselves to relax and massage away as much stress as we can. We worry about what time and stress is doing to our skin and hair, and do as much as we can to prolong the image of ourselves at 20. Or whatever age a person considers their prime.

So that’s what I did when I came home today. I told my parents, “I’m commandeering the bathroom for at least an hour!” and barricaded myself in for a hot shower, finished with a peppermint sugar scrub. After the scrub, I put a hair treatment on my head and wrapped my hair in plastic wrap. Being the ‘new girl’ at being girlie, I’ve never owned a shower cap or anything similar to contain hair that’s supposed to sit and stay contained in its own heat for any period of time. So I attempted to shrink wrap my head with a low powered hair dryer on high heat pointed at my head for about 5 minutes.  I rinsed out my hair and partially blow-dried it, and headed down to my bedroom-in-the-basement. There, I broke out my little-used manicure/pedicure set and began to work. I’m leaving my fingernails alone, because to polish them is foolish – the polish never stays perfect for any acceptable period of time for all the work I put into it. I fixed up the cuticles on my toenails. I slathered on some foot lotion and tucked my tootsies into some thermal socks and stuffed them into my slippers.

I feel really good now, and I could probably go to bed right now and be perfectly content. But, I still have to finish this up, and I feel like seeing what’s going on in Second Life for a little bit.

I’ve been eating all day. Fortunately, it’s been mostly healthy things. I felt this coming on when I woke up this morning and my stomach practically screamed at me. So when the grocery store next to my office opened, I headed over for some good food. I picked up a pack of cheese sticks, a Lunchables turkey & cheese lunch set, and a box of red seedless grapes. Less than 10$. Every few hours all day long I’ve been getting pangs of hunger. So at work I had a bowl of grapes at my desk all day. About half the container’s gone now. I ate the Lunchables, along with what I had already brought with me from home – leftover homemade Chinese stir-fry, and a cheese stick. That was lunch. I only had about half a soda, and most of the Capri Sun that was with the Lunchables. I didn’t have much junk, I had a miniature Crispy Butterfinger, and the AirHeads candy that came with the Lunchables. For dinner, mom made tacos, so I had one. Now, I’m feeling hungry again. I probably shouldn’t eat, but if I don’t go get something good to eat soon, I’m liable to grab a handful of the cookies I have hidden down here.


Comments on: "Head to Toe" (2)

  1. Mur once proudly proclaimed that she was only 8% girly. I took the quiz and I was, surprisingly, 24% girly! I think that’s due to the dresses and jewelry collection that are part of my teacher costume. A few months ago I got acrylic nails. I’ve been going in for a pedicure/manicure once or twice a month since then. I re-took the quiz and I’m up over 30% now! Gasp! (Take the quiz! http://tinyurl.com/2oev5w)

  2. I’m not that good at being a girl just yet…

    You Are 28% Girly

    You are a pretty hardcore tomboy, and a very free spirit.
    Gender roles be dammed, you like to do things your way.

    How Girly Are You?

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