I'm watching you. Yes, you.

Guard Your Balls

Last Friday, my boyfriend & I went to Chuck E Cheese. Yes, I know, we’re a little old for that, and with no children of our own, it’s kinda pointless for us go to. But we did have a reason. Pete works in the Science department of his school, and there are about 4 children of the Science department. So, we went to Chuck E Cheese for them. The place was packed. Lines out the door, kids everywhere. You pretty much had to look down whenever you walked to make sure you didn’t run anybody over. It was cold outside, so Pete & I weren’t happy about having to stand out in it, especially when it started to flurry. So once we got in, we found out that we couldn’t use any of the bigger rooms until about an hour after we got there. Nobody wanted to wait, so we snagged some big booths that were back-to-back and parked ourselves there. We got our food pretty quickly, and the pizza was sub-par. But that’s not really why we came. We came for the games!! After everything got cleaned up, we let the kids loose to play, with their parents following closely behind. It’s what I liked most about these parents – unlike other children who were running all over without a parent, these kids always had their parents with them.

At the end, when we were all getting ready to go, Pete challenged another Science teacher to a game of Skee-ball. They were both getting ready to play, when all of the sudden a little girl came up and started playing the teacher’s game. I was so angry, I was going to say something, but being one of the youngest (besides the kids) there, I didn’t feel it was my place. Not to mention it wasn’t my game. So I watched, fuming. The teacher just stood there, just watching her fool with his game. At the end, when she finally got all the balls to go up the ramp, she turns to him, and points at the last ball he had in his hand. “Can I have the last one?” she grins at him. I was so disgusted. Where was this kid’s parent? I mean, if I had done that, I would’ve gotten slapped all the way to the car. But, being the incredibly nice man he is, the teacher gave her the ball and she threw it and scurried off. So he had to play another game to compete with Pete. I can’t remember who won, I was more preoccupied with being mad at the girl.

At the end, I’d won 114 tickets. So I had the attendant split my ticket receipt into two 60 receipts (which I just now realized adds up to 120, so I got extras), and gave one to each of the kids that were with our group. I don’t know how big their total turned out to be, but I’m sure it was a lot, since everyone who was with our group gave their winnings to the parents of the two kids. I hope whatever prizes they got were amazing.


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