I'm watching you. Yes, you.

What’s in a Name

There’s a name for people like me who have the problem I have.

My problem is I get really worked over about a certain topic or subject or whatever. I want everything there is to have of it, I want to know everything there is to know about it, whatever.

Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, Japanese culture,  Ravenclaws…

And Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works.

This, really, isn’t even all of it. I have another lotion, body spray, and perfume in my desk drawer at work. At my boyfriend’s, I keep a travel sized spray, a lotion, foaming hand wash, and I believe a shower gel. It my shower upstairs there’s bubble bath. Behind my monitor plugged in an outlet is one of their “WallFlowers.” In my purse I keep a waterless antibacterial gel.

I do now have every type of product they offer in Japanese Cherry Blossom, except for the very large bottle of perfume they carry, and a really fancy type of body lotion they have that’s pale pink.

I think it’s called obsession.


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