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The Day of Dooms

The boyfriend and I went to the movies this afternoon. We saw Doomsday, the tragic story of a girl who was whisked away from her mother during an outbreak of a deadly virus lovingly nicknamed the “Reaper Virus.” Actually, that was about the first ten minutes. The rest of it was a guns a-blazin’ body crushing gore-fest. That was pretty much it. They were supposed to go in to the zone looking for a cure, or a survivor who supposedly has the cure, but they really just discovered two vastly different ‘societies’ – one punk style, with Mad-Max styled cars and cannibalistic tendencies, and one medieval style, living in a castle that used to be a tourist trap. The entirety of the film was just a large amount of guns firing, body bashing, and dismemberment. All in all, it really wasn’t worth the cash that was paid out.


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