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Fest of Ham

Today I went to the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium MD for a Hamfest. Now, before you get too weirded out, a Hamfest is not for pigs. Hamfest refers to Ham Radios, a type of public radio system, like CB radio, but with a lot more rules and regulations. There were tailgaiters, people selling their storage rooms of stuff out of the backs of their cars in the parking lot, people in a large exhibition hall selling all manner of radio and electronic equipment, and another building the size of a football field with the same kinds of things. We saw really old things, like a record recorder – yes, cut your own vinyl! And we saw things that people were selling brand new, like a whole display of stand-alone photo printers from Dell, 35 dollars each, I think. I bought a handheld trackball mouse. Unfortunately it’s a little fidgety when i try to move the mouse vertically. My friend bought a very tiny PC, but the power brick he was given doesn’t work with it. Whoopsie.

It was a pretty good day, aside from it being very windy. My dad and mom were there, they had fun and bought us all lunch. He picked up some goodies too, two wireless cards for his laptops, and a few other bits and pieces. He was very pleased with his finds. I think we all were happy with the things we found.


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