I'm watching you. Yes, you.

I don’t actually remember much of Saturday. I know I got up early, then fell back asleep after breakfast with Paulette and Tee. I got back up around 11 and showered so I could get into my costume. Here are the two of us, courtesy of Paulette’s phone.

We went to see the live Takeover! audio drama from Mur Lafferty. We got fed up with our costumes after a while, and changed out of them. My boots were bothering me the most. I don’t remember where I went to lunch, but I got back in time to see the last five minutes of Calls for Cthulhu. I remember hanging out in the Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy, and helping Shay find her purse afterwards. Then I think there were a bunch of people hanging out by the gazebo, and so I hung out there. Then Mae drug a bunch of people up to her room and we hung out. We called Pip over Skype, and she shut down the party ’cause we all screamed. I think I got back to my room by 3 or so.

That’s all for Saturday. I’ve probably left a bunch of stuff out. I’ve probably mixed things up, too. But that’s what happens when you don’t write about what’s happening sooner.


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  1. Nice pic…..as always. 😉

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