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Let’s Get Wet

Today was spent mostly in Goldsboro, PA. Which is just a hop, skip & a jump across a river to Three-Mile Island, where the nuclear power plant is.

My dad & I took our Tigershark wave runner up there to join two of his friends and their wave runners and run them around. Mom packed us a cooler with drinks and snacks, and we had a really awesome time. The spray from the wave runner makes beautiful rainbows. The sun was bright, it was hot, and I can almost guarantee I’ve got sunburn on my thighs.

For a while I was just riding behind my dad. It’s bouncy, and easy to get the passenger quite wet if you know how to cut the turns right to work up a wave. Then Dad let me take control. It’s a little tricky, actually. You can’t necessarily point the nose in a direction of your choice and expect it to go exactly where you point it. You have to kinda pull the handlebars to the left or the right to compensate for the waves pushing you around. But once you get the hang of it, it totally rawks. It only goes to about 40 or 45 miles an hour, but with the wind roaring in your ears and the rushing waves that pass you, it feels like you’re flying.

I can’t explain the physics of it all, but after a break and dad getting back into the driver’s spot, we rolled the wave runner. Dad guesses there might have been too much water sloshing around in the bottom of the Tigershark and it set the balance off. Fortunately we weren’t going very fast at all. Fortunately for me, my sandals float. We managed to upright it, and got back on our way. I would’ve been panicked without my lifejacket. I am not a good swimmer.

We finally packed things up and headed home around 5. Dad and I tried to load the wave runner onto its trailer, and Dad fell into the water again. So, dripping wet, we went home. I fell asleep part of the way home, and got home around 7. And so ends my day. I think I got more exercise today than I have in a long long while. My hind end hurts so badly from all the bouncing around we did. Even after all the padding back there I’ve accumulated over the years, I still have a bony butt.

But today was great. I had an awesome time with my dad. If I had still been dating, I would’ve totally missed it.


Comments on: "Let’s Get Wet" (4)

  1. Nobilis said:

    Nothing much to say, except that reading this made me smile.

  2. That is so awesome.

  3. sounds like a great day.


  4. Awesome! Glad you had fun!

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