I'm watching you. Yes, you.

Writing Prompt

A few weeks ago, August 14th to be precise, Nobilis put the call out on Twitter to write a story by using something from each colored section of the Periodic Table of Awesoments, found here. So I wrote one. It’s not the best, but I find it amusing. Each item from the Table is bold, so you know to look for it in the table.

Chuck Norris was watching Fourth of July fireworks from the tank in his back yard when, in a blaze of fire, a Ninja appeared with an offering of bacon, liquor, and chocolate. The Ninja asked Chuck to help him fight a horde of zombies and mutants that had invaded his homeland. Chuck fired up his tank and drove to the Ninja’s place, where the zombies fell dead and the mutants fled at the sight of Chuck Norris’ mustache.

Hope you enjoyed it! The above paragraph is why I chose not to be an author. I can write well enough, but story telling is just beyond my grasp.


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