I'm watching you. Yes, you.

With three weeks remaining until I move, I realize the extent to which I have NOT packed. I still have a fully stocked entertainment center, desk, low shelf, two dressers, an armoire, a rack of clothes, and four bookshelves to empty and pack, plus other random things from closets and hanging racks around the house. I also have at least two large stacks of boxes that have yet to be packed, and the trailer is already near to full. All that can fit in there still is the mattress set we purchased earlier today, plus possibly a stack of boxes.

What frustrates me is not only how much I still have left to pack, but also the seeming unwillingness of my mother & father to assist me. They’re more than helpful when it comes to shopping for things I still need, or load things into the trailer, but are absolutely disinterested in assisting me to box up what I still need to pack.

I’m worried my frustration will lead me to make one of several very poor choices. I will either end up not doing anything until the last minute, resulting in much headache for me and my family, or I will become so angry at the lack of assistance that I will just start throwing things away that I will regret later.

I can’t think clearly and in a linear enough fashion to compose the remainder of this post properly. Maybe tomorrow.


Comments on: "Massive Amounts of Frustration" (3)

  1. hereticfred said:

    Hang in there… Just don’t put it off. Break it down into manageable bites. I will be checkin in on you..

  2. Goodness, You have three weeks! Take one thing on one day and you will have it all done before you have to go. Relax and have a good night’s sleep!

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