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Twitter Traitor

There is, or was, a traitor in my circle of Twitter friends. Earlier today, a screen shot of my Twitter stream was used to create a “motivational” poster and uploaded onto a website. The idea was rude, lacked judgement, and was malicious towards me. For several reasons, I find the scenario entirely inappropriate. 1) My photo was included on the photo. 2) My username was included in the photo. 3) I was not asked permission to use my photo or my Twitter stream in a photo. 4) The screen shot included some very private comments I had made that day.

I understand that some of that list I can control, like not using my real photo, and not posting private information into my Twitter stream. However, my Twitter stream is set Private. Which means that I allow myself a little more leeway when posting information. It also means that when I permit someone to follow my Twitter stream, I give them a certain amount of trust. Trust that what I post will not be used in a malicious fashion.

I have already removed the people following me who I have no idea who they were, but allowed them to follow me anyway. I plan on taking a long, hard look at the Twitter users who are following me still, and thinking very strongly about who to keep and who to turn away. Think of this as a closing of the gates. I apparently put far too much trust in the integrity of my Twitterpals. At least, one of them.


Comments on: "Twitter Traitor" (1)

  1. That royally sucks that that happened to you. Not fun when someone takes advantage of you like that. Give ’em the boot Jett!

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