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The Ideal Partner

Is there an ideal person for everyone? Do most people find the one who is most ideal for them? Yes, I believe both questions can be answered in the affirmative, because I believe that people can change & adapt over time to another person.

I’m not talking drastic changes, like facial structure or other unnatural adjustments, but subtle things like learning to like “Always Sunny” or beginning to tolerate a genre of music you originally despised.

I believe an ideal person is someone who is a complimentary piece to your puzzle. Not necessarily a complete opposite – otherwise, how would you get anything accomplished or enjoy the other person’s company/hobbies? I think people who claim “opposites attract” only mean initially. An opposite can, and usually does, adjust to become a complimentary person. If not, then the couple obviously isn’t meant to be.

My ideal partner does exist. He’s morphed and shifted his characteristics as I’ve grown, matured, and have adjusted what I thought to be ideal as boyfriends have come and gone.

Intelligent, but never condescending. Attractive, but not a ‘pretty boy.’ Those usually either have no brains or they’re gay. Enjoys some of the same hobbies I do, but also has his own hobbies separate from mine. A willingness to try new things, even if he might feel awkward about it at first. I’m talking in all realms of a relationship – social, intimate, ect. A strong desire to take me out & show me off when I’m looking my best, not wanting to hide me away for fear of being ‘stolen away.’ He has the ability to stand up to me when I’m being a bitch, but not cruelly. He knows when not to walk away and when not to follow when I walk out of the room in a rage. He enjoys sharing his family & friends with me, and is willing to associate with mine. He knows how to react to my snark, and knows how to dish out his own. He knows better than to demand a behavioral change outright, but knows how to subtly adjust it over time. But he also knows when to just let my bad habits slide.

So, with that laundry list of characteristics, is there anyone that fits my bill? Yes, I believe so. I’ve been dating him for the past two and a half months.


Comments on: "The Ideal Partner" (4)

  1. I’ve never bought into the “one perfect person for me out there somewhere” theory, but I do believe that plenty of personality types are compatible. I agree that people can change over time and adapt to each others’ interests or habits.

    And the common interests part is key, enough shared ones but individual pursuits to allow space and provide new topics for conversation. Opposites may attract, but it might also explain the 50% divorce rate.

  2. So glad you’re happy Sweetie! you deserve it.

  3. When you find the right person it can feel like fate. Don’t count on that feeling lasting forever, though, and when it goes away don’t think that means the relationship is over too.

  4. laughter, i believe that is one of the key components

    found mine over 35 yrs ago, HS sweetheart

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