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February Blues

So another long gap between posts. Which isn’t too terrible, since I can condense everything that happened in February into a single post and people can just skip over all of it & move on with their lives.

February held Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and my boyfriend’s birthday, all within two weeks of each other – the 14th, the 17th, & the 24th.

So not much was done for Valentine’s, considering I’m still jobless & can’t spend money. And, he scolded me several times for even considering buying/doing something for him. So what did I do? I bought cake mix, icing, & a card to make cupcakes that individually spelled out I Love You in red icing, with mini cupcakes with X’s, O’s, & hearts on them. Sappy, yes, but they were good, and he thought it was cute. Extra bonus for me, since I had been craving cake/cupcakes for ages!

Next came my birthday, and we stayed up ’till past midnight so he could be the first to say “Happy Birthday!” and he gave me my birthday present – a Flip Mino HD video camera. The thing rocks, and it’s already been put to good use – check out my YouTube page and see for yourself! http://www.youtube.com/user/jettmicheyl

The boyfriend’s mom & her husband took us out for dinner for his (& technically my) birthday, also, on the Friday between his & my birthdays. They took us to this place called Bookbinders, and I had the best piece of steak I’ve ever had. It was really nice, and I’m sure it was really expensive. They all (‘cept me) had wine, and we had just been served our desserts when the lights went out. It turns out someone had hit a power pole down the street.

The Saturday between my birthday & his, my parents & my brother came down and spent the day at my place for a birthday party. My grandmother, uncle & aunt came down, too. Mom bought a cake, and big party platters and we hung out at my apartment. The boyfriend’s mom even stopped by for a bit. She had never seen my apartment before, and she brought me flowers.

After that, we had a party at a sports bar we frequent, and invited a bunch of local friends. The guest list was about twenty or so, but less than that showed up for various reasons. We brought the leftover cake (which had only had the bottom row cut), and tried to get people to eat it, but we had very few takers.

After people started leaving the bar, a small group of us went to a friend’s place & we played Rock Band! I have a small obsession with Rock Band. My brother actually came with us, and we finally got him comfortable enough to sing! I have a video of it, he says he looks stupid, but that’s a lie. We stayed out until about 3am, I think.

By the time the boyfriend’s actual birthday rolled around, we had both partied so much that his actual day was kinda glossed over. I still had no money for gifts, but the weekend had kinda taken care of that. I had managed to hide the identities of some of the guests from him, so a few of them were a surprise for him. The boyfriend’s father & his wife took us out to dinner a few days after the boyfriend’s birthday, to a really nice Italian restaurant.

So that’s February in a blog post.

Still trying to find a job, no luck there. I’m just spending my time applying for jobs, poking the staffing agencies from time to time, and taking care of my apartment and the boyfriend’s apartment.

Fun fun.




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