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Stupid Dog

Okay, so the Obamas got a dog. Good for them.

No, seriously, I’m glad they got a dog. That means he can at least keep one promise he’s made in his recent political career.

However, I really don’t think it’s all that important. It’s especially not important enough to be front-page or headline news, nor is it really necessary to be debated on whether or not he should’ve gotten that type of dog.

I’m very frustrated with how important this dog has become, when what I belive is more important is being ignored or pushed aside – how terrible our country’s economy has become, and how long I and many others have been unemployed. There’s also the troubles in the middle east, and pirates kidnapping and terrorizing tradeship sailors in the waters off Somalia.


Comments on: "Stupid Dog" (2)

  1. The dog he got tells us a lot about the man.

    Millions of unwanted dogs euthanized every year, and he has to get a designer dog from Teddy.

    OH, right. The kid’s allergic. Option B? Don’t buy a dog.

    Even better? Option C – take a fucking benadryl like everyone else.

    He solved that problem like he solves everything else – go way overboard, publicize it to hell and back, make it ‘cute and comfy’ for the public, and he’s not even paying for it himself.

    It was a handout from someone else. Call it the Canine Bailout.


    • Your commentary says a lot about you.

      Good lord: the dog is for the kids. The only people making a big deal about the dog are you and this blogger.

      Too bad you weren’t commenting on something that truly matters like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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