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Balticon 43

Hi all!

This post is about Balticon 43, which was this past weekend. I traveled to Hunt Valley with Paul Fischer & Martha Holloway, who are the head & brains (a joke!!) of the New Media track at Balticon. I was already with them for the week prior, playing nanny to their daughter.

Friday I spent most of the day caring for Darth BonBon. After 5, I was free for the weekend. I had hoped to catch Cowboy BeBop in the Anime movie room, but got waylaid by errands & preparation of the hotel room I was sharing with Susan Z & Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit. Two awesome roommates, just let me say. Friday I had also hoped to sit in on Hard Science for Beginners, and Kamikaze Costuming, but got sidetracked again by errands and a strong need to eat. After I gave up trying to go to panels, I started drinking, and made a rum & Coke without realizing I had the incorrect proportions. There was far too much rum in my Coke. It took that single drink, an appletini that was graciously bought for me, plus (I suppose) fatigue from nannying all day to knock me on my rear. By about 2:00am Saturday morning I was kindly escorted to my room by two people who followed behind me to make sure I didn’t fall down before I got there. When I got in, I was saved embarrassment by Susan & Rich not being in the room, where I proceeded to get sick several times in the bathroom, and I may have fallen asleep for a short time. I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing beside my bed, so I crawled out of the bathroom to my phone. Yes, on hands and knees. Rich was calling, asking me where I was. I managed to grunt/mumble “room.” That’s all I remember of the conversation. If there were other questions and answers, I can’t recall. He showed up shortly after, finding me half-asleep on the floor beween the two beds. He, laughing I’m sure, picked me up and put me in bed.


I fell asleep, and woke up around 9am to a headache. I drank water all morning, & made sure my stomach was stable enough to eat before I tried food at lunch time. I missed the Getting Started panel at noon, which I believed was getting started costuming. I made it to Calls For Cthulhu live, which is always a treat. I made it to part of But Honey, It’s for the Studio.  I went to Steampunk Spectacular live, which rocked. I saw Mr. Adventure live, which was funny and awesome as always. After that was the New Media Party & costume contest. I went as the Jett star system from Nathan Lowell’s podiobook series. I didn’t win, which was ok, I didn’t expect to. I don’t remember when I went to sleep, but it was probably around 2 or 3am.


Sunday I got up & played DS games with MA, Doug, Christiana Ellis, and Zach. We started out playing MarioKart, and then we collected about 4 younger kids who realized we were playing Pokemon games. After that we set up a mic & I hung out while MA, Doug & Zach did a recording. Was much fun, can’t wait to hear it. Sunday was also Stranger Things at noon, which was a blast. We got to see an interview of JC Hutchins, and a new episode of ST called Disconnect. After that, lunch was had and then I went to Anti-Social Media, Into the Blender live, and caught some of the live Vintage Gamer show. I was there to help Viv from crawling up the curtains from nerves at Into the Blender. It was very awesome to be able to sit & even be a little in on their show. Sunday MA & I also recorded the two of us talking about & applying our makeup. She’s got audio, I’ve got video. I should have it off my Flip by Friday night. That was fun, though I’m worried about how much you’ll actually get to see from my video.


Monday was wind-down day for the con. I went to Sci-Fi Trivia and got fourth place. I got to pick Season One of Calls for Cthulhu on DVD. I’ve got the third copy in the run, I’m so excited. After that, I parked myself in the hotel’s hot tub with Susan & Rich, then had a burger in the hotel’s restaurant while everyone milled about & said their goodbyes. I left with Paul & Martha about 5pm, and made it back to their house to prepare for more nanny duty this week.

So I think I covered everything. I met a lot of new people whose names I won’t remember until I’ve interacted with you at least three more times. I’m sorry, it’s just who I am. Twitter helps, so if you keep chatting with me I’ll remember. I also got to hang out with people I’ve already met & just can’t physically hang out with except at cons or very rare get-togethers.

I had a blast, and I can’t wait for next year!



Comments on: "Balticon 43" (4)

  1. Wow, you had a busy weekend! I’m glad we finally got to sit and talk though. I hope you have an easy time recovering from the con. I’m dragging today, but enjoying the memories.

  2. man, didn’t even get a mention in the blog. 😉

    Great seeing you, Jett!

    • Sorry Peeg, I kinda rushed thru this blog post so I could sleep. We did hang out a bunch, I watched you & your friend play a board game, & we chatted with Pip & Tee late Sunday night. I didn’t forget!! It’s always a blast hanging out with you!

  3. It was great seeing you again.

    Loved the star system costume!

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