I'm watching you. Yes, you.

So I’ve gotta write about this, and I want to be descriptive enough to understand, so it can’t just be Tweeted.

I convinced my boyfriend to turn on his airconditioning using a very simple description of an unique tactic: “Just seal off the downstairs vents like the crazy people worried about Anthrax a few years back, use plastic wrap & duct tape!”

The two-floor apartment, when the a/c is on, will get nice & cool downstairs (even with the vents shut), but still be fairly uncomfortable upstairs. Upstairs is where the two of us typically are: the second bedroom is the computer ‘lab’.

So I’m looking forward to seeing how well my triumph in logic will work.

Bye for now!



Comments on: "A Triumph of Logical Persuasion" (2)

  1. I predict you will have very cold tape.

  2. Breakall said:

    Frist po… Oh. Hello, Newton.

    I was afraid of Anthrax for a while… then I heard SLAYER! Ba-dum-pshh.

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