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Workin’ for the Weekend

I’ve been able to hold steady employment since the beginning of July. Which was a surprise in itself, because the original temporary contract was only supposed to be three days. The receptionist I was replacing was going to have a simple heart operation, and be back the next week. She turned out to need emergency triple bypass and wouldn’t be back for at least a month, if she made a speedy recovery. I was asked if I would stay – it took about a nanosecond to think it over & say yes. She’s been having complications and difficulties recovering completely, and so I believe she is planning on going into early retirement. So far my contract’s end date has been pushed back 3 times, and it is highly likely I will continue to be here until my staffing agency says I’m a free person again, in a half year. Then I will be an official employee of the company I’m working for.


Comments on: "Workin’ for the Weekend" (2)

  1. Congratulations! Great news… not so great for the former secretary, of course, and it’s always a little odd to benefit from someone else’s tragedy, but nevertheless I’m glad to hear you’re employed.

  2. WTG! I’m really happy things have worked out for you there.

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