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Oh gawd it hurts

I am in so much pain. I went to the gym tonight, after not going since Thursday. I went to not one, but TWO classes, back to back. A class they call Body Shape & Yoga. Body Shape is like full-body resistance workout using light handweights, a stair-step box, a weight bar, and an elastic band to essentially work every muscle group you didn’t even know you had.

Oh geez I need to go pass out now.



Comments on: "Oh gawd it hurts" (2)

  1. Proud of you sweetie!!!!
    Keep rocking the workouts, you are doing great!

  2. Good for you! But be careful not to rupture yourself. One sure way to kill a new workout routine is to overdo it and then hurt so bad you never want to work out again. Take some pain reliever, have a nice hot bath, and be sure to stretch a bit before you go to bed. Then you’ll be ready to hit the gym again tomorrow!

    Yay you!

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