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Weekend Wrap-up

Did quite a bit this weekend, actually. It’s nice to look back & see that I was actually busy this weekend, instead of just “oh, all I did was sit around & play video games.”

Friday – after work, I got my hair done, and then went out with my boyfriend & another couple to dinner. They had just found out that they were having a girl.

Saturday – My boyfriend & I got up fairly early, for a Saturday, and we went shopping at Kohls’. He bought shoes, I bought two tops & skin toner. After we came back & hung out for a bit at home, I bought a Poken online. I’m going to do a blog post about it on my tech blog. I also went out shopping again. I went to Border’s and Barnes & Noble. I bought a paper journal and a book called D!rty Japanese. Teaches you slang & curse words in Japanese. I’ve had fun trying to memorize a few.

Sunday – We were up super-late Saturday night because it was the beginning of the Thanksgiving events in World of Warcraft. I’ve gotten half of the achievements completed, but I will most likely not complete it for the Pilgrim title & turkey pet reward. So we were up late this morning, but I finished all our laundry, I didn’t add anything to the ‘to iron’ pile, and I also changed the catbox, the bedsheets, and did a little vacuuming in the bedroom too! I did a little online shopping, and bought some mascara from Japan. I’ll do a little post about that when I receive it.

Sounds weird, but I’m really pleased with this weekend. I probably spent too much, but I plan on using everything I bought extensively. I’m probably going to post at least a few more posts until a large one for Thanksgiving, most likely about how much it hurts after doing my exercise classes on Monday evening.




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