I'm watching you. Yes, you.

Because I have nothing incredibly entertaining to write about, here’s a review of a beauty product I just got – Too Faced brand’s Lashlight mascara.

From the box – “An illuminated mascara infused with liquid crystalline particles (microscopic mirrors) to bounce light off and around lashes for brighter eyes and the richest, glossiest, BLACK possible. Utilizing Hollywood movie industry lighting effects, we built Optic-Blu LED bulbs into the wand to illuminate each and every lash for unprecedented targeted application.” I kept the formatting as it is on the box, just for you.

At first blush, when I saw this online, my reaction was “Yes! Need this!” Still is, honest. Just don’t turn on the light and look at it straight on. It will seriously take some time to get the spots out of your eyes. Mine are just now fading, and that was 10 minutes ago. And after I read “Do not shine light directly into eyes.”

As for the lights in the wand, they’re ridiculously useful! I do my makeup by a lamp that only usually illuminates one side of my face when I’m really close to the mirror. With this wand, it’s like having a small perfectly placed light exactly where you need to see to apply the mascara. It does require a little different application technique than I usually use, but it’s not something that I couldn’t get used to. It also has a mirror built into the container, for on-the-go (hopefully not smack in the middle of a dark club, but who am I to judge) application.

I have yet to have someone proclaim “your eyes, they blind me with refracted light!” but that’s also because no one has seen this mascara on me, except myself. So reactions will remain to be seen. And I’m hoping that because I wrote that, someone will notice me wearing mascara and say that to me. Even if I’m not wearing it at the time. I will laugh so hard.




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