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2009 Year in Review

Everybody’s doing these, why not me??

This year has been a crazy, unpredictable ride for almost everyone, it seems. Economy woes, joblessness, government overhauls – it looks like we’ve made it out alive, just barely.

This year was my year of growth and learning. Growing into my life as a Richmonder, growing out of my comfort zone by meeting new people. Growing into a role as a self-provider, then having to learn to share again as I moved in with my boyfriend in September. Learning to adapt as I found myself jobless at the start of the year, unable to find full-time employment for quite some time. Mid-year, friends graciously offered me the ability to watch over their child while their nanny was on maternity leave to have a child of her own. Afterwards, I fell into a permanent position quite by accident, as a 3-day temp job turned into a few months, then a permanent offer.

I’ve learned to be patient, to plan a little more carefully for the future, and I’ve also learned to ask for help. I could never have made it through this year without help. The help of my friends, the help of my family, and the help and love of my boyfriend. 2009 was a very unstable year until these last few months, and I am so very grateful for my network of friends and family. I had begun to suffer through panic attacks that would manifest as full-body rashes, sweats, finally resulting in vomiting and eventually me passing out from exhaustion and waking up shaky but otherwise fine. It was unexplainable, and disappeared midway through September when it was becoming more and more obvious that my temp job was soon to be a permanent one.

I learned that free clinic visits take about triple the amount of time a regular/traditional doctor’s appointment does. I finally learned that Richmond motorists are crazy drivers. The whole “yellow light means slow down, red light means stop” thing – yeah, really only a suggestion most of the time.

I’ve grown into a wonderful, stable relationship that’s working on its second year, and there are no signs of itchy fingers reaching for the escape button. Please understand, I have had very few relationships last past one year, and those that did, I was miserable in. This time, I want to stay. I’m happy, he’s happy, and we’re good for each other.

So that’s my year in review. I look forward to 2010 with the hope that it will only get better from here. I have goals, but those can be written about on a later date.




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