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I’m Not

I was just sitting at lunch today, thinking about things, and it came across my mind that I’m not very good at most things I try to do. Most hobbies, or things I like to do, when you become very good at them, become titles. I guess that’s why they’re still hobbies, and not careers.

I’m not a Novelist, but I can write, edit, and I’m a pretty decent blogger. I’m not an Artist, but I can draw a fairly nice anime figure, if you don’t stare too hard, and I liked one of my doodles so much I’m planning on turning into a tattoo. I’m no Photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures, and I know how to make myself and other looks pretty decent in photographs. I’m not a Podcaster, but I used to be, and I’m a fairly decent voice actress. I’m no Videographer, but I like recording short videos and I have no qualms about livestreaming myself eating ramen with chopsticks at my computer. I’m not a Therapist, but I will let you tell me your problems ’till you’re blue in the face, and I will help you try and find solutions if you want me to.

I’m not the best at what I do, but I think I do just fine.


Comments on: "I’m Not" (4)

  1. What was your podcast? Is it still posted somewhere? I’d like to check it out.

    • Jett Show, aptly named, was my podcast. However, I doubt it’s still available as my hosting contract has expired, and jettshow.com is probably no more. I have, however, been on a few podcasts of others, like Murder at Avedon Hill (one ep, I was a maid), and Nobilis Erotica (Make Music for Me, Ep 072).

  2. Cheers! Happy day of coming to earth.

  3. Here’s a direct link to “Make Music for Me”:


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