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ADD at the Garden Center

This weekend was really nice, and I finally got to go out to Strange’s Florist & Garden Center on Saturday. They were having their Bloomin’ Days festivities and I thought it’d be a perfect time to snag a free hot dog, cruise around their greenhouses and see what I can find. I’d been wanting to get several different kinds of “exotic” plants – in the sense that not many other people have them.

It was a really nice day, and quite warm in the greenhouses. I snagged a hot dog and ate, watching the SPCA’s dogs for a while, from a far distance. Then I finally looked lost enough for an employee to ask me if I needed any help. Of course, I ask “Do you  have any bonsai?” and he immediately pulls a sad Japanese accent and we truck off into the houseplants section. He helped me find the bonsai, and I was immediately sucked in. It took me 20 minutes at least, looking at every single plant, from multiple directions, for me to finally give up and pick one. I chose a Juniper in a rectangular ceramic pot with some moss and stones for added decor. There were also braided money trees that were very nice, and I found a tray full of Venus Fly-Traps and Pitcher plants. So of course, I had to pick up a Venus. I almost got a plant whose sign stated all you do is let the soil dry and once it’s finished blooming you just toss it, but I thought that was a slight waste of money. Then I stumbled upon the tiniest cacti that I’ve ever seen, and thought I might put five or six together for a small low-maintenance desert garden, but then realized between the six tiny cacti and a pot with a tray it’d be far too much money for right now. So I put them all away and found a small double-bloom Echeveria cactus. I also found a table full of all different colored Bromeliads, one of which looked like it had a bulb of purple and pink cotton candy on top. I wanted that, but it was a little pricey, and so I settled for a vibrant red one.

So I spent about two hours at the garden center, and I brought home four plants – the Venus (which has already caught something!) the Echeveria cactus, the Bromeliad, and the Juniper bonsai. Plus a bag of potting soil, and a purple pot that I used to re-pot the Bromeliad. The girls at the register liked my credit card – a bright pink rose close-up.

I’m thinking of taking the bonsai to work, if they’ll permit it. I have a slight hankering to go back sometime in late spring and maybe pick up one or two more small houseplants, plus whatever I’d need to re-pot the Venus. It’s small now, but I’m hoping to let it outside to play every now and then, and hopefully it’ll fatten up nicely. Muahahaha.





I’ve never been good about being patient, and if it’s obvious anywhere, it is most obvious in my attempts to control my weight. I’ve joined gyms, I’ve taken classes, I buy DVDs, equipment, games, bikes, shoes, diet pills, supplements, powders, books, magazines. No, not magazines. But I have read article after article online and in other magazines I’ve subscribed to.

Patience is not my virtue.

If I can’t see or feel results, even after a few days, I get frustrated. I turn back to junk and comfort foods, which I’m beginning to realize is a serious, serious crutch for me. I can’t even understand how it became as such. I didn’t think I was like that; no one ever looked at me and thought I was using food like others use drugs or alcohol… At least, no one’s ever said that out loud. I snack almost uncontrollably. If I can see it, and I like it, I’ll eat it until it’s gone. I get cranky if I have oatmeal every morning for two or three days, and then trundle myself to BK for a breakfast biscuit & hashtots.

I realize I’m hurting myself.

It might be I’m going half a step forward and two or three steps back. I eat poorly. I misuse diet shakes. I don’t stick to anything very long before I give up.

It probably sounds like I’m some overweight cow, wallowing in self-pity, but in reality I don’t appear all that overweight. They call that visceral fat, and aside from subcutaneous fat, it’s extremely hard to get rid of. I’m trying not to be self-pitying, rather, I’m quite angry at myself. Anger is a better motivator for me anyway. Just ask anyone who’s helped me move or pack/unpack anything.

I’m considering another diet plan, but I don’t want to talk about it here right now.

I’m angry that I’ve come this far to this, I’m frustrated that I can’t get results I want, and I’m upset that I may have to restrict myself so much that if I get frustrated at my lack of results I’ll break my plan and hit the junk food so hard I’ll put myself back into that up-and-down spiral I’m peering over the edge of right now.