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Archive for April 18, 2010

Poké Paraphernalia Progress

For this scene, I will be in a Victorian dress, with my hair up and makeup all done. “Oh, woe. Woe.” As I fall, looking exhausted, onto the nearest fainting couch with an arm draped dramatically over my face.

No, it’s not really that awful. It’s just getting my ass in a position to get the shit done. And I can act better than that.

I’ve finished the text, which is the most difficult. Eight shirts, eight text stencils. Twelve letters each. Six letters that needed a floating empty space. But it’s done.

See them here.

All that’s left is eight pokéball stencils. Only two types, which is a bit of a relief as far as design goes.

I’m hoping to have each one done in an evening, which should only be eight days. Probably not in succession.

And then comes another, smaller project. I’m looking forward to it tho. I enjoy making shirts.