I'm watching you. Yes, you.

Critical Mass

I enjoy letting my hair grow. It gets compliments every now and then, and it’s entertaining to see photos throughout a year’s time where my hair is different colors and lengths. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with.

The heat has made it almost unbearable to wear down unless I’m at the office with extreme air conditioning. I’ve had to trim (read: butcher) my bangs every few months to keep them from jabbing my eyeballs. I typically do absolutely nothing with my hair, except brush it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s wavy, so it doesn’t just lay limply around my skull.

So I’m considering a hair cut. At the risk of upsetting my boyfriend, who enjoys my hair long, I plan to go fairly short. Long enough to connect pieces at either side under my chin, potentially angled up towards the back so it stays off my neck. I’m hoping to find a photo for the stylist, & with that & my description, come away with a hairstyle I’m happy with and will keep me cool for the rest of this insanely hot season.


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