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Gushing on Customer Service

So I happen to be a bit of a stationery geek. Pens, papers, stamps, cards, stickers… The list goes on. I’m a huge fan of the dip pens, y’know, quill and ink style? I’ve got a beautiful pen holder with a glass inkwell, and I keep a nice blue feather quill pen in it. Ravenclaw, represent!

Anyway, when I received the pen/inkwell holder, I was working with the inkwell and without much provocation, the lid snapped off the hinge. I was devastated, as it was only the first day I’d had it. So I did what any respectable online shopper does: I wrote a review. I kept it short and light; I loved the product, but it had broken & I was disappointed. That’s all, I didn’t expect anything, I had done it to myself.

The next day, I receive an email from the company: We’re sorry, we’re sending you a replacement. I was thrilled!! That’s true customer service. Reading and responding to your customers, in any way you feel necessary. Even if it’s just, “hey, sorry about that, here’s like 45% off your next buy!”

The company’s called Nostalgic Impressions, and I suggest you visit them for any fancy stationery products you may want.


Twitter Traitor

There is, or was, a traitor in my circle of Twitter friends. Earlier today, a screen shot of my Twitter stream was used to create a “motivational” poster and uploaded onto a website. The idea was rude, lacked judgement, and was malicious towards me. For several reasons, I find the scenario entirely inappropriate. 1) My photo was included on the photo. 2) My username was included in the photo. 3) I was not asked permission to use my photo or my Twitter stream in a photo. 4) The screen shot included some very private comments I had made that day.

I understand that some of that list I can control, like not using my real photo, and not posting private information into my Twitter stream. However, my Twitter stream is set Private. Which means that I allow myself a little more leeway when posting information. It also means that when I permit someone to follow my Twitter stream, I give them a certain amount of trust. Trust that what I post will not be used in a malicious fashion.

I have already removed the people following me who I have no idea who they were, but allowed them to follow me anyway. I plan on taking a long, hard look at the Twitter users who are following me still, and thinking very strongly about who to keep and who to turn away. Think of this as a closing of the gates. I apparently put far too much trust in the integrity of my Twitterpals. At least, one of them.


Twitter is an amazing thing. It can help people get jobs, like JC did. Or, it can help you discover completely enjoyable wastes of time, like Bitstrips. Here are mine –

And since I edited this enty from this morning, this is the one I made this evening: